At Alternative Fuels we only source our fuel from the major certified suppliers in South Africa.

The integrity and quality of our fuel is of utmost importance to us and our customers and we pride ourselves on the quality product that we deliver on a daily basis.


Energy drives the economy; turns the wheels of industry, allows us to produce goods and services we can’t live without, gives people jobs and helps us create comfortable lives for ourselves and our families. Underpinning the energy flow many of us take for granted, reliable supply of the fuels we need to, literally, keep the lights on and the home fires burning!


We’re a South African-based independent energy company offering reliable fuel supply, logistical and fuel to industry across Africa. Our clients include some of the region’s biggest mines, manufacturing facilities and power plants.


For industries that depend on reliable fuel oil supplies, Alternative Fuels is able to respond and adapt, quickly and consistently, to the product and service needs of our customers.

Thanks to our experienced supply specialists, clients benefit from an optimised supply chain – we can manage procurement at a regional level to achieve economies of scale – as well as our expert product and market knowledge.

Our focus is to build relationships with our clients on the following principles:
  1. Consistent supply
  2. Product quality 
  3. Timeous service delivery
  4. The best possible and available prices
  5. Feedback and updates on status of deliveries.
  • Diesel  
  • Coal
  • HFO 


Our Vision

To Offer a premium quality Diesel, (we guarantee 50 ppm or better), in a safe and secure environment for both local and longhaul clients.

Our mission

Alternative Fuels aims to offer high quality premium service to mining, construction, factories and logistics companies and a complete solution.

  • High Speed Pumps
  • On Site fueling 
  • 24-Hour Operation


Alternative Fuels is a reliable domestic coal supplier of high quality  coals. We have shipped  tons of coal and developed a reputation of being a dependable supplier of high quality coals. We are centrally located to many of the major  coalfields. This central location allows us to source and manage the shipments of premium metallurgical and thermal products into the  domestic marketplace.

In addition to being a reliable coal supplier. We enjoy supporting mine expansion projects, coal plant facility projects or upgrades, logistics movements, and port facility upgrades via our sister company Alternative Industrial Solutions. Here at Alternative Fuels , we feel that our willingness to be involved in these projects is an added value we bring to our customers.

Throughout the entire history  we have gone above and beyond other coal companies due to our hard work and dedication. As one of the premier fuel companies, Alternative Fuels operates everyday with these three values in mind:

  • Customer service
  • Consistent quality
  • Long term supply continuity

If you are a coal consumer we welcome the opportunity to quote on your on your requirements. If you are a coal producer we welcome the opportunity to market your coals to our customers.


Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) is a fraction obtained from petroleum distillation, either as a distillate or a residue, and it’s blended with other components in order to achieve low sulphur content fuel. HFO powers industry, and is used by mines, power plants and manufacturing plants – without it, these facilities can’t function, with catastrophic consequences for individual businesses and the economy at large, which is why dependable HFO suppliers, who can reliably supply the fuel stock it needs, is so crucial to industry.

Alternative Fuels is an HFO supplier to industry across South Africa, and we’ve forged relationships with some of the biggest entities in their respective industries. Our flexibility and agility in the market, not only in relation to effective pricing, but in relation to innovatively finding solutions for our partners and customers have made us a preferential fuel oil supplier to many of our longstanding customers.


Directing energy is more to us than just a tagline. More than providing for the energy needs of some of the biggest mines, power suppliers and manufacturing facilities, it’s about ‘energising’ the spaces in which we work – by kindling relationships with our partners, clients and service providers, and sparking engagement with surrounding communities.

Thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit  Alternative Fuels has grown into a diversified energy company playing a key role within Africa’s energy industry. Our management team brings with it a powerful combination of in-depth industry knowledge and profound understanding of the African context.

Our experience in every link of the value chain from technical, supply  to logistics and distribution – make us your go-to energy company.