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Mine Spec 4WD

Mining sites are some of the toughest workplaces and any vehicles venturing onsite will have to be equally tough on a scale not seen in any other industry. Accidents related to vehicles are always in the public eye and the mining industry is scrutinised like no other.

Due to the diverse mine site conditions each mine has developed a set of specifications governing the vehicles operating onsite. These vehicles are generically known as Mine-Spec vehicles. We will be talking about Light Mine Spec Vehicles which are used for driving above ground on mine sites in Africa.

Standard 4WD vehicles are generally off-road driving ready, and may seem ok for mine sites but that is not usually the case. The standard 4WD’s are customised with after market add-on accessories to increase the 4WD vehicle safety, visibility,  performance and function for mining sites. These add-ons are called mine spec add-ons hence the term “Mine Spec Vehicles”.

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